Useful Links

  • Panel Surfing
    An excellent blog by Jason Versaggi, with such fantastic gems as this one about Jerry Robinson's artwork up for auction.
  • Cover Browser
    An excellent gallery of over 450,000 covers, from comic books to pulp to magazines.
  • IGN Comics
    IGN Comics is an excellent resource for comics featuring reviews, forums, trade paperbacks, features, news, toys, and comics to film.
  • Show Off My Comics
    Grade comics, comment and share your collections. It's a fantastic arena to test your skill at comic grading, and to respond to the collections of other enthusiasts in the community.
  • Well-Defined Productions
    The blog and online home of J.C. Vaughn.
  • Super Hero Stuff has the one of the largest online selections of superhero merchandise, from Superman and Batman to Flash and the Green Lanter. Check out their swag AND movie trailers!
  • Comics Community
    A destination for comic book fans who want to communicate with the industry's players, from artists to creators.
  • Digital Webbing
    Digital Webbing keeps you up to date with daily comic book related columns and announcements.